An Organic Revolution - AOR believes in getting it right, right from the start. That's why we’ve concentrated on perfecting a few formulas only, refining them again and again with scientists and formulators. We then tested them ourselves, until we got the results we wanted: organic masks and skincare products that deliver exceptional freshness, detoxification and hydration for clear, brighten, radiant, youthful skin.

All products in the AOR Australia moisturising line are produced and manufactured in accordance with COSMOS strict standards. Our products do not contain synthetic preservatives, silicones, sulphates, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, phthalates, colour, fragrance, or any other nasties.


AOR observed women trying sheet masks time and again without achieving the results they were looking for. The majority of sheet masks use a vast amount of chemicals while offering only a temporary solution: they hydrate for only one to three hours. In the long term, they leave skin prone to dryness and craving something to quench its thirst. It’s a vicious cycle, and, with AOR, we hope to break the pattern.

In order to revolutionise the sheet mask, we started with the right ingredients, carefully selecting each ingredient for its purity – and on the basis that it does the job beautifully. Whether we've boosting vitamin C with Kakadu plums or enhancing efficacy and locking in moisture with sodium hyaluronate, AOR ensures all ingredients are safe, completely natural, and so effective you'll instantly see the difference.

The next step was to steer away from traditional cotton, hydrogel and non-woven sheet mask fabrics, working with scientists to formulate a truly effective mask made of biodegradable wood-pulp fibre. First moulded into shape and then dehydrated, each mask is infused and soaked in a unique formula of potent plant extracts and juice with hyaluronic acid. The outcome is a sheet mask that permeates the skin, next locking in moisture and active ingredients, while soothing and cooling the complexion. Research shows our masks really work, retaining 50% more moisture than those made of synthetic materials. And, because they're super thin and super breathable, they fit the individual contours of every face, making them super comfortable!


We also felt clay masks were missing something – particularly for skin battered by pollution and humidity. In our experience, most cleansing masks on the market left women with skin that was clean, yet dried out and dull, or even irritated. So AOR created a clay mask that not only detoxifies on a deep level, but also gives skin a vital dose of hydration, delivering visible youth and brightening.

Uniquely formulated to combat environmental damage and humidity, AOR’s clay mask contains 100% organic bentonite and kaolin clay to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. This mask detoxifies and restores skin's natural health through a potent combination of ingredients that are activated when ground together using a bowl and brush.

Our intention is to retain every ounce of nutrition from all the wonderful ingredients we
use – that's why we chose to create a mask that requires a simple, one-step mixing process to activate it. A ready-to-use clay mask is easy to make, of course, but by making yours when you’re ready to use it, your skin will benefit from enhanced freshness and potency that hasn’t been compromised by preservation processes or unnecessary additives. Each dose has been carefully prepared in a small vial; simply add the activator into the mix and you’re ready to go.

Delivering a deep clean like no other, this mask also offers next-level nourishment and brightens up your skin.


We watch women try skincare products time after time, without achieving the results they’re looking for. In some cases, the problem is low-quality organic ingredients that just don’t deliver what they claim to; in others, while the ingredients are effective, they’re full of nasty chemicals that damage skin over time. Plus we’re tired of seeing products with fancy names and over-the-top packaging that make promises they can’t fulfil.

From this was born a desire to create uncomplicated skincare that works its magic no matter what your skin type is, where you are and what the weather is. Our journey wasn’t your typical one: we didn’t have specific products in mind when we started out. At the beginning, we had a wish-list of 50 products; by the time we launched, we had distilled it to just a few – all driven by the same mission: to create clean, effective skincare products that actually work.

The outcome is AOR. Our products go on clean, leaving no residue, and they quickly take effect. It won’t be long before redness and reactiveness diminish; skin becomes softer, fine lines recede and complexions become clear, bright, youthful and radiant.

AOR products perform, and that’s partly thanks to the stringent research and testing process we put them through. We work with scientists and formulators, testing and refining each of our products again and again. We then test them on ourselves, until we get the results we want.

In order to revolutionise organic skincare, we target natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. They are the purest of organic ingredients: plant-based minerals grown and produced without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, resulting in skincare that’s cruelty-free, chemical-free, free from mineral oils, silicones synthetics, parabens, PEGs, GMOs, petroleum and much more. Each of our products is certified as being between 70 to 95% organic.

So, whether we're boosting vitamin C with Kakadu plums or promoting cellular renewal with lactic acid, upgrading collagen levels with glycoproteins from the Antarctic Sea or locking in moisture with sodium hyaluronate, we ensure our ingredients are safe, completely natural and so potent, you'll instantly see the difference. Your skin will be visibly clearer and brighter than before.

The rigorous organic certification processes our products – and our manufacturing plant – undergo also set them apart from the crowd. Each of AOR’s products is certified with COSMOS ORGANIC, one of the strictest organic cosmetics certifications in the world.